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Mosinee, WI not breed specific
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rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
Pit bulls, or any dog for that matter, are OK in Mosinee, just as long as they aren’t considered dangerous under a revised animal ordinance the city approved Monday night.

The ordinance groups problem dogs into two groups, menacing and dangerous. A menacing dog, defined as a dog that poses a threat to any animal or person, must have a muzzle and be restrained at all times in public. If it escapes, the owner must report it to the police immediately.

A dangerous dog, defined as a dog that routinely chases or threatens a person, must be kept indoors or in a locked pen when on the owner’s property. When outside on the owner’s property, a dangerous dog also must have a muzzle and a leash no longer than 3 feet.

Mosinee’s former animal ordinance did not deal with dangerous dogs or pit bulls. Originally, the revised ordinance singled out pit bulls as dangerous dogs, but the city removed it from the final ordinance because some pit bull owners argued it was unfair to specify one breed over another


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