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Shooting a secured dog
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
Out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, comes the report of an officer shooting and killing a dog.

Two officers were let into the home by children (is that even legal?) searching for a suspect no one at this home actually knew. They were warned that a dog was in the bathroom where Deanna Gonzales was taking a shower. When the officer opened up the door of the bathroom, s/he was bitten once on the wrist. Instead of closing the door, the dog was shot and killed when he (understandably) lunged again...all the while Gonzales was inches away showering.

In this report, the dog is called a pit bull.

But in another, the dog is labeled a Labrador Retriever - pit bull mix.

So, we have a case where officers didn't seek adult permission to enter a home, knew that a dog was secured in a bathroom, entered the bathroom anyways, shot a dog in the head when he freaked out and bit an intruder (dogs don't know cop from burglar) and then didn't have the foresight to shut the darn door. Fascinating.

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UNBELIEVABLE! I dare a cop to come into my home, my bathroom, and shoot my dog. Of course the dog is going to bite... no matter what kind it is. A stranger startled him and entered the bathroom!!!! That's what dogs do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That floors me. That woman was so upset, too!

Wow! In the first article they sound like they are trying to blame the dog. In the second one it at least sounds more like they are reporting what happened. I understand that if cops don't react fast it could mean their lives, but they knew the dog was shut in the bathroom & that a woman was in there showering while her kids were in other parts of the house. They are lucky she didn't keep a gun in the bathroom & shoot them in defense of her kids(or dog). It sounds to me like these 2 particular cops really screwed up big time, & I think that the city definately owes this family a public apology & compensation. Not that that would get their dog back, but nothing will.

This horrible story just goes to prove that the selection of potential officers is based on heartlessness and mediocre intelligence.

99% of "officers" are absolute tyrants. Imagine waking up one fateful day, innocently taking a shower and having two on edge men come in your house and shoot a member of your family. My heart really goes out to these people.

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