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West Liberty, Iowa
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl

Here's why West Liberty has some folks itching for a breed ban:

Incident #1: Featuring a "pit bull specific breed dog" (seriously, he uses this term), a generic catch-all term to encompass any and all individuals of the subspecies Canis lupus familiaris. The dog was relaxed and laid-backed until some strange human tried to physically accost the dog to put him in a cage on a truck. Second incident featuring said "pit bull specific breed dog", so let us please to be blaming the breeds.

Incident #2: Loose "pit bull specific breed dog" is running loose and jumps on the car door of a family in a car. Before animal control arrives, dog is properly contained by owner. Get this: When the officer approached the fence, the dog acted territorial and barked and jumped on the fence! This is behavior never before seen in any other dog on the planet.

Incident #3: Please seen Incident #1, same dog, different time.

There you have it. West Liberty clearly has a problem with dogs - at least TWO OF THEM! It is definitely reasonable they would suggest banning "pit bull specific breed dogs". *snerk*

City of West Liberty
409 N. Calhoun Street
West Liberty, Iowa 52776

Telephone: 319-627-2418
Fax: 319-627-6523

City Manager:


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