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Brighton, CO - sane talk!
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BRIGHTON — Following the advice of animal control and police department staff, city council rejected the idea of a pit-bull specific ban within city limits.

According to a Sept. 4 statement from the police department staff, several municipalities in the area instituted pit-bull bans with no reduction in vicious animal complaints and with a significant increase in the number of hours worked by animal control staff. In addition, costs associated with enforcing breed specific bans on domestic animals escalate if the owner opts for trial, with DNA testing of the dogs posing a potential fiscal liability for the city.

Under a ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court, the burden of proof for establishing the genetic identity of the canine falls on the state or municipal entity imposing the ban. Currently, cheek-swab DNA testing for dogs runs approximately $65, while blood testing ranges from $100 to $200, depending on the veterinarian used. Another consideration listed was the hardship imposed on owners in cities with breed-specific bans, with some owners choosing to move versus lose a cherished pet with no history of bad behavior. Citing a 2001 revision of existing animal control ordinances, along with a current review of the laws on the books, the recommendation of the staff was to steer clear of an outright ban on pit bulls, as noted in the report:

“In 2001, the City revised several of the ordinances relating to animals. The Animal Control Unit again reviewed our laws and compared them with several other Adams County jurisdictions and the state laws. It is our opinion that the Brighton ordinances give us the tools we need to handle the dog-bite and other vicious animal complaints. We do not recommend enacting a breed specific ordinance at this time,” said the staff memo.

Additionally, the report stated that although the number of pit bulls has increased following the institution of bans in neighboring communities, vicious dog incidents involving the breed have not.

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