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Madisonville, TX reverses pit bull ban
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl

The city of Madisonville created a fire storm of controversy last February when it passed an ordinance banning pit bulls. Now, city leaders have had a change of heart.

The city council amended the ordinance Monday to remove the ban on pit bulls. The ordinance now more closely resembles vicious animal ordinances found in other cities.

The changes include the elimination of all references to a specific breed, namely pit bulls. Also gone are restrictions and fees placed on pit bull owners who were grand fathered under the ordinance. Plus, the prohibition on new pit bulls being introduced into the city was eliminated.

The city came under fire from dog lovers across the country when the breed-specific law was implemented last winter.

(there is a poll at the website, fyi)

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YAY! The city council never answered my email, and I've been wondering what was going on down there.

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