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Marion County, WV not breed specific
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
FAIRMONT --  Marion County is biting back when it comes to owning a vicious dog. The county commission passed a vicious dog ordinance, Wednesday morning, following a public meeting on the subject.

Commissioners say the ordinance is modeled after similar regulations already on the books.

It requires owners to restrain their dogs and to provide notice to the public. It also enforces strict penalties for not complying.

Commissioners say the ordinance is a way to protect the public.

"We've had people with small dogs attacked and killed, people bitten and hurt and outside of our cities that address those issues, we've had nothing to protect people- now we have a penalty phase, a confinement phase," said Randy Elliott, a Marion County Commissioner.

Commissioners say the ordinance does not target any one specific breed of dog. It goes into effect immediately.

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What really gets to me in a lot of these cases is that there really are sensible laws already in place that just aren't enforced, so politicians have to make a big show of making a new Vicious Dog Ordinance.

Which is pretty much what happened in my town - having only a part-time and swamped ACO that is/was entirely ineffective, we couldn't enforce the dog laws we did have, so how can they possibly enforce a brand new pit bull ordinance?

On the other hand - anything that's not BSL leaves me ridiculously relieved.

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