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Wyandotte, Redford Twp, both in Michigan
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rinalia wrote in stop_bsl

Update: WYANDOTTE -- One week after a strict proposed law targeting bull breeds went before Wyandotte's City Council, officials are revising it -- possibly considering a "vicious dog" law instead of the controversial ordinance that's riled some residents.

Allen Park has formed a committee to study a pit bull ban; Wyandotte and Redford Township are set to take up ordinances this week.

On Monday, Wyandotte's City Council will look at requiring owners of pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers and pit bull mixed breeds to leash, muzzle and microchip the dogs or face up to $500 in civil fines.

Wyandotte, Michigan:
Mayor: James R. DeSana

Phone:  (734) 324.4540
    - Fax:       
(734) 324.4552
    - Email:
Council:  Listed by Voting Totals of the May 2005 Election
Joseph R. Peterson (Info-Link)
Patrick J. Sutka (Info-Link)
Todd Browning (Info-Link)
Jason L. Ptak (Info-Link)
Sheri Sutherby Fricke Arriving Soon!
Johnny Kolakowski (Info-Link)


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