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Grand Island, NE not breed specific
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
While the Nebraska cities of Osceola and Minden have added dog breed bans to their city laws this summer, Grand Island will not pursue such a ban.

The Animal Advisory Board met on Monday and was adamant that a ban on any dog breed not become a part of the Grand Island city code.

City Attorney Dale Shotkoski had asked the board if it wanted to pursue a ban after his office received calls recently about pit bulls.

"Any type of dog can do severe damage," said Laurie Dethloff, Central Nebraska Humane Society executive director. "We prefer to make the owners accountable, not the breed."

Grand Island Police Chief Steve Lamken said, based on calls for service from his officers, pit bulls aren't the problem. The owners are.

"If a person wants a mean dog, they can make it mean," he said. "If you won't allow pit bulls, those people will find some other dog and make it mean."

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I'm impressed. I wish more places would look at it this way, because that actually makes sense.

Astonishing. I'm genuinely surprised, and pleased by this.

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