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PA - HB 2553 has been CHANGED!
Triple Morrigan
rayvenfaerie wrote in stop_bsl
For those of us who live in PA, the threat of BSL was becoming a reality with the proposed HB 2553 which sought to change the state laws to allow specific municipalties and counties to enact and enforce their own dangerous dog laws. Sounds fair enough, but he was taking out a very important part of our state law, that a dog cannot be deemed vicious by breed alone. HB 2553 would then have enabled BSL and crazy knee jerk reactions to incidents all over our state would have followed. 
I just received word that Senator Galloway as of yesterday changed the wording in HB 2553 so that municipalities will NOT be able to judge dogs soley by their breed!
This is incredible news for the dogs of PA! 


 (this has been crossposted & edited to add what HB 2553 was)

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