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Gurnee, Il
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
The Gurnee Village Board amended their dangerous dog ordinance which they decided should not be breed specific. Good on them.

The data on dog bites is interesting: In the past 58 months, just short of five years, Gurnee Police have responded to 31 reports of dog-on-dog bites and 66 reports of citizens being bitten.

Gurnee has a population of 28,000 people. In five years the police have only received 66 reports of people being bitten and only 31 of dogs being bitten? Sign me up! That's 13 dog reported dog bites a year. Many dog bites go unreported so that number is a small percentage of total bites. Still, what if those 13 dog bites a year were only 5% of total dog bites? That would mean 260 total dog bites each year. I mean that is still not even reaching 1% of the total population of Gurnee - 99% of Gurnee's citizens remain bite-free every year.


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