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Perryville, MO
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl


Tuesday evening, December 2, the city council of Perryville Missouri, voted to drop the breed specific ordinance they had proposed. They ruled in favor of enacting tougher dangerous animal ordinances. This decision was based on independent research done by the members of the council.

PERRYVILLE, Mo. — The Perryville City Council held a public hearing Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of enacting an ordinance banning pit bulls.

About 30 people attended the hearing and 16 stood up to voice their opinions on the potential breed ban, according to Perryville city clerk Tracy Prost. Only one of those people was in favor of the ban, she said.

No decision has been made, and the council didn't discuss the ordinance after the hearing, Prost said.


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