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Lucas County dog killer gets "award"
Mina - awesome
rinalia wrote in stop_bsl
A hate-mongering group has awarded Tom "I kill adoptable dogs" Skeldon of Lucas County, Ohio with "Dog Warden of the Year'. No matter that has only been around for a year. No matter that it was founded by a woman with a serious grudge against anyone with a dog who looks like a pit bull. And no matter that the so-called dog-bite victim advocacy group is really just a front for discriminatory legislation, fear-mongering and hate.

The Lucas County Dog Warden killed 1,354 dogs in 2007 for looking like a pit bull. An additional 1,210 dogs were killed as well. Only 400 animals were adopted and, theoretically, another thousand were returned to their owners or farmed out to rescue organizations. I don't know about you but is a 65% kill rate award worthy? Is the fact that dog bites have increased in Lucas County award worthy?

In one article, Tom Skeldon claims that things have gotten better since, well, since 1979. Yes, 30 years ago, things were worse for dogs in Lucas County. But how much worse? The euthanasia rate was about 76%. Flash forward 30 years and the kill rate is 65% - an 11% decrease in 30 years is not something I'd report as an improvement.

Fact is Tom Skeldon is a dog-murderer. No one should receive accolades for that.

The Toledo Blade accepts letters to the editor. is the email; keep it to 300 words or less, be respectful, include your full name, address and phone number for verification purposes.

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The fact that this is even newsworthy is sad.
The organization I'm in has been around longer than, maybe we should be giving out awards too!?
Oh, but I bet they won't be newsworthy.

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