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What can I go, HELP please...
Cassie McKenzie wrote in stop_bsl
here's my story...Gosh, this really hits home. I received a notice on my apartment door yesterday 4/2/12 claiming that my dog "resembled a "pit bull mix"" which aren't allowed at my apartment complex along with several other Friendly breeds. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much hair I've pulled, how many tears I've shed and how many people I've asked for help from. It's now 4/3/12 I have two weeks left with my "Bruin" before my apartment forces me to let him go. Mixed or not he is the sweetest thing to ever happen to me and I to him ( I hope :) ) The people who run my apartment complex are no dog expert, no Cesar Milan... who are they to deem what breed my dog is or how friendly they think he is capable to be. Why must we Americans hold on to such ignorance, when we are mutts ourselves. Mixed breeds if you will. I am proud of my mixed heritage, which makes me a true American. Bruin is a gorgeous mix of Boxer and Standfordish Terrier A.K.A. Pit Bull. Stop the discrimination.