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Proposed Pit Bull Ban in Elgin, IL
gabbrgrrl wrote in stop_bsl
Elgin is reconsidering a Pit Bull Ban. While full details have not yet been publicly disclosed, please spread the word to your Elgin family, friends and coworkers. From what other rescuers have experienced, they only care what people in Elgin think! PLEASE be polite when emailing. You do not have to put your full name or location in the email but if they ask, tell them you live in Elgin.

If you would like to voice your opinion about the proposed ban, please contact the mayor and/or the council members directly at the email addresses provided below. Remember, be polite!

Edward Schock, Mayor Email: mayor@cityofelgin.org

Council Members:
Richard Dunne Email: rdunne@cityofelgin.org
Robert Gilliam Email: gilliam_r@cityofelgin.org
David Kaptain Email: kaptain_d@cityofelgin.org
John Prigge Email: prigge_j@cityofelgin.org
F. John Steffen Email: steffen_j@cityofelgin.org
Mike Warren Email: warren_m@cityofelgin.org

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This is right down the road from me. Rg. Then again they aren't noted as one of the best citys/towns to live in eaither. Lot of shabby stuff goes on over there sadly, granted they are trying really hard to build up and I think they are doing a great job in the downtown area, but if they pass this it'll destroy a lot of ppl views, exspecially since this whole side of the state is pretty pibble family related.

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