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New member could use some help.
Yours Truly
kellcrow7 wrote in stop_bsl
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Hey fellas!
I'm a new member to this comm and, unfortunately, already have reason to appeal to you all for help.
I'm from New Orleans. This week has seen tragedy in the form of two separate incidents of injury, due to irresponsible owners not properly supervising their dogs. (Article: www.wdsu.com/news/23035700/detail.html)
There is a survey on that page, that lovers of bully breeds are trailing in votes. There's also a comment section. Mine is so far the only comment in support of bullys and against BSL. (My Comment)

"I am the very proud mom of a beautiful pit bull named Floyd (De Lis). I am neither a drug dealer nor a dog fighter, and I resent the implication that those would be the only reasons a person would own a dog of the bully breeds. Floyd is up to date on his licenses, shots, and paperwork. He is well trained and well cared for. He sleeps in my (our) bed at night, snuggling with my cat and my Rat Terrier, who would be utterly devastated if people who support BSL got their way. Bullys are a collection of strong breeds. They are beautiful, mischievous, protective, playful, affectionate, and require boundaries and strong leadership- not to be thrown in a yard somewhere and forgotten. Pit Bulls become aggressive when they are TAUGHT to; just like any other dog. And the owners who teach their dogs to be aggressive DO need prosecution. I had my face bit twice as a child; once by a Dalmatian, and once by a Shi-Tzu. Why? Because they are DOGS. Dogs NEVER attack without provocation. (All) Dog owners need to be constantly aware of this, and aware of their particular dogs' triggers. To eliminate a breed because of the irresponsible and criminal acts of a few horrible, abusive owners would be pointless. Don't you think those odious people would just find themselves another aggressive breed to abuse and exploit? If guns are outlawed, crime still occurs. We need to deal with the PEOPLE committing crimes. We need to PROTECT these wonderful dogs, not kill them."

Could anybody spare a few moments/comments?
I appreciate your time!
L, Kell