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Hey Eagles!... DEEZ!!!

This is all I have to say, right?

Chicago- Non-BSL - Tougher Crackdown Over Dangerous Dogs?
30 days
Tougher Crackdown Over Dangerous Dogs?

Over the years, vicious and sometimes fatal attacks by dangerous dogs have prompted repeated attempts to target Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.

The Daley administration and Schulter have steadfastly opposed breed-specific bans.

...."It's not the animals that are the problem. ... It's the individual. This is an attempt to do something in those rare circumstances where the owners do not care."

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blondes not bombs
I currently live in washington state, but we are moving to palm beach county in florida soon and I'm wondering if pit bulls are legal there. We're moving in with my mom who lives in Boca Raton and we have a one year old pit bull named shady. If we can't take her with us, we're gong to drop her off with my husband's brother in california.

If you don't know, can you at least direct me to a website where I can find out? thanks!

Vestavia Hills, AR
Mina - awesome
Mayor Alberto (Butch) Zaragoza, Mayor@ci.vestaviahills.al.us
Phone: 205-978-0130

David Carrington, Council President, Place 5, dcarrington@racingusa.com
Phone (205) 978-0131

Mary Lee Rice, Council President Pro-Tempore, Place 1, ricemarylee@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 822-5456 (Home)

Jim Sharp, Place 2, sharpcleaners4686@charterinternet.com
Phone: (205) 822-0402 (Home)
Phone: (205) 978-0123 (Office)

Steve Ammons, Place 3, steve@steveammons.com
Phone: (205)789-7492

George B. Pierce, Place 4, gpierce@abc-alabama.org
Home: 205-823-6023
Fax: 205-879-5090
Cell: 205-370-6730


Pit bull incident in Vestavia Hills sends residents to court
Wednesday, July 08, 2009
WILLIAM C. SINGLETON III, News staff writer

Some Vestavia Hills residents on Cedarwood Road want pit bulls banned from the city after two pit bulls got out of a fence and allegedly attacked a German shepherd being walked by its owners.

Four pit bulls hide in fire truck
Mina - awesome
Four frightened pit bulls hide in FDNY truck after their apartment catches fire, photos included. Dogs were safely whisked off to the ASPCA where, after he recovers, his owner will hopefully pick them up.

Pit bull stabbed after trying to stop attack
Mina - awesome
Police fatally shot a 23-year-old man Friday after a woman was beaten with a skateboard and a pit bull that came to her aid was stabbed.

The injured woman, 34-year-old Tara Tanner, was treated at a local hospital, Reagan said. The dog ran off but was found about eight blocks away and was being treated at a veterinary clinic.

Orion Township, Michigan
Mina - awesome
From BSL_Updates

The Board of Trustees in Orion Township, Michigan is considering a breed specific ordinance related to pit bulls.

Township Supervisor
Matthew Gibb
Phone: (248) 391-0304 x201
Fax: (248) 393-6858
Township Clerk
Penny S. Shults
Phone: (248) 391-0304 x104
Fax: (248)391-9984
Township Board Members
Mark Crane
Neal Porter
John Steimel
JoAnn Van Tassel
Mayor and Trustee Board Members E-mail Quick List

Oelwein, Iowa
Mina - awesome
Oelwein, Iowa - affecting pit bull types and rottweilers

City of Oelwein, Iowa
Mayor, Larry G. Murphy
Council at Large, Mike Kerns
Council at Large, Paul Ryan (319)283-2693
Council First Ward, Duane Brandt
Council Second Ward, John Gosse (319)283-1376
Council Third Ward, Nathan Lein
Council Fourth Ward, Rex Ericson

Administrator Steve Kendall
Attorney Ron Vanveldhuizen
Available e-mails for above city officials
llmurphy@fbx.com,kernsy@mchsi.com, brandt111@ftb.com,ericson@us.army.mil,c1ken@cityofoelwein.org

Trinidad group decries dog ban
Animals - Rubber duckies

THE Government is barking up the wrong tree by implementing the current Dangerous Dogs Act, a group called the Responsible Dog Owners of Trinidad And Tobago (RODTT) has said.

Spokesman for the group Ganesh Khoon Khoon told the Express last week that while the members had no problem with the idea of legislation to prevent acts of violence by, and to the dogs, this Act sought to wipe out the dogs completely.

"If you look at the Act carefully, you would see that they are trying to get rid of them by spaying and neutering. These dogs have a life span of about ten to 12 years, so basically in the next ten to 12 years, we will not have any pitbulls or tosas and that is not right or fair," he said.

The Act, which was passed in 2000 by the then-UNC administration, but has yet to be proclaimed, prohibits people from importing or breeding dangerous dogs, such as the pitbull terrier or any dog bred from the pitbull terrier and having the dominant characteristics of that dog, the fila brasileiro or any dog bred from the fila brasileiro and having the dominant characteristics of that dog and the Japanese tosa or any dog bred from the Japanese tosa and having the dominant characteristics of that dog.

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30 days
World's Meanest Dog: The English Cocker Spaniel?

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